Republican Leaders Schwarzenegger and Bush Meet in China

Beijing, China (UPSI) – Recent noted Republican losers California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and President George W Bush crossed paths in China as both embarked on Asian tours. Governor Schwarzenegger was there purportedly to promote trade with Asian nations, take a stance against pirated DVD sales, and promote the International Special Olympics, which he has supported for decades. President Bush was there for a brief stop to also promote the Special Olympics, for which he was a gold medalist during his college days at Yale.

Bush, checking an opponent in the Yale Special Olympics shot-putting event, circa 1969

Political analysts have been left to wonder over the attraction that China has for these two recent losers in their quest for political rehabilitation. There were some tense moments as both leaders and their first ladies seemed to be overwhelmed by adoring Chinese paparazzi. It was especially tense when the chants of “Ah-no” erupted, and it was unclear as to whether they were meant as condemnation of president Bush or adoration of governor Schwarzenegger.

Former Special Olympian Bush seemed to become a little peeved when he realized that the adoration was deferentially towards Schwarzenegger. He was notably temporarily confined to a wheel chair after yet another bicycle accident in Alaska yesterday. First lady Laura Bush stepped in and seemed to smooth over ruffled feathers, and the president brightened considerably when he was presented the Special Olympics torch in a ceremony by governor Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger will continue his tour and attempt to promote trade with California as well as DVD anti-piracy attitudes and legislation in China. Bush will be left with the embarrassing task of addressing the impending ownership of the United States by the Chinese government with officials there. Both camps hold steadfastly to the belief that these trips in some way will address sagging poll numbers for both leaders at home.