Republican Led Congress Refuses To Investigate Pat Robertson For Embezzlement

The Republican led Congress has refused to investigate allegations of accounting irregularities in the books of the Reverend Pat Robertson’s 700 Club. The offhand dismissal of and refusal to look into the allegations of one of the people who the Republicans credit with the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004, came as no surprise to both Washington insiders and those who regularly follow the Evangelical Christian Movement, but this closing of ranks among the ‘party faithful’, if you’ll excuse the pun, is worrying nonetheless.

The allegations of wrong doing, which have been made by respected satirists and malcontents on the Liberal left, have been deemed by the very people who have benefited most from their relationship with the beleaguered Christian Coalition founder to have absolutely no credence or basis in fact. Perhaps not, argue the accusers, but they reasonably ask, in this time of wars fought for spurious reasons, a government in Washington dedicated to using lies and innuendo to smear its opponents and rightfully advance the cause of Christianity and Freedom throughout the world, and fifty one percent of the electorate willing to believe whatever someone on the Right tells them, what difference does that make?

Coming on the heels of previous equally spurious and worrying accusations that the Rev. Robertson is a closet transvestite and has engaged in homosexual relationships, these latest charges, made by those who would have absolutely no idea whether they would be true or not and the refusal of otherwise clear thinking Republicans to further investigate them smacks of a Clinton era cover up, one perhaps orchestrated at the highest level of government. This would be a tragedy indeed for the Evangelical Christian Right. The failure to thoroughly examine these spurious charges can only harm the Rev. Robertson and bolster the perception among the Evangelical Republican faithful that George W. Bush and those in his employ are secretly Roman Catholics, or at least in part are partial to that faith. After all, why else would have President Bush met with the late John Paul II so many times? As of yet, no word has filtered down as to when Mr. Bush is planning to baptized with the Holy Water, but that time seems to be obviously coming, perhaps as soon as the President’s term in office is completed.

Only time will tell where this sad and disgusting tale will lead. Already roundly condemned by Evangelical Church leaders, Pat Robertson is finally facing his reckoning, just as Jim Barker of the PTL club had before him; this is what becomes of those who betray their Church and should be taken as a warning to us all.