Republican Party Found Dead on Airport Bathroom Floor

(Ucs News : International) Washington D.C. was rocked today by the stunning news of the death of the GOP. According to Police officials on the scene of the discovery “We found it lying there hugging the toilet, stone dead on the bathroom floor.”

The time of the death of the Republican party has been established as 3:45am on Tuesday morning. Investigators, however can not agree on the cause of death of the GOP.

Political analysts are considering many contributing factors. Some blame the failed war on terror, the misadventures in Iraq or even the general racism and hypocrisy that have plagued the party for years.

According to party insiders the GOP had been suffering from several dangerous and chronic conditions. While the party had been suffering for years it may have been the Presidents Veto of the SCHIP bill or the gay sex crime arrest of the Idaho GOP Senator Larry Craig that finally caused the Republican to die.