Researchers Find Link Between Obesity; Calories

A groundbreaking study from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA reveals that the more calories an individual consumes, the fatter he/she becomes.

“We have been looking at the obesity epidemic the wrong way!” exclaimed Dr. George Bray, the main researcher on the project. “We had been trying to see if it was carbohydrates or protein that was causing obesity but now we have discovered it’s caused by consuming too many calories!”

Other researchers were not so sure. “It’s much more complicated than that”, said 300lb Mayo Clinic nutrition expert Sal Jennings. “It’s a complex interaction of carbohydrates, protein and genetics”.

Bray pointed out that when study participants gorged themselves on massive amounts of sweets, pastries, fried foods and fatty meats they inevitably gained weight whereas participants who ate smaller portions of lean meats and vegetables maintained or lost weight.

“This will revolutionize the weight loss industry!” Bray excitedly stated.

Bray did suggest that people continue with their current eating habits until more data is available. “The diet industry is big business!” Bray stated.