Rice demands Progress from leaders: Threatens Military Action Against Iraq

(Green Zone, IRAQ) Ucs News International: Unconfirmed Sources report the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, met with Iraqi leaders and pressed them to take action to stop the violence already spinning out of control in Baghdad. The tone of her message was very stern. “Get the situation under control or face unilateral US military action against you!” Rice is talking about regime change, and she means George W. Bush style, regime change into a pile of smoking rubble.

The Iraqi leaders were stunned by the threats issued by Rice. “We are honest and hard working people, how can she threaten us?” Apparently Rice was not accepting any excuses for the lack of progress. According to Rice, “You had better get your act together or the US army will be having another free and fair and democratic election. If you catch my meaning.”

And we have seen that Rice isn’t joking around. With 150,000 boots on the ground, the Bush administration can demand any government it likes except a Christian one, and with John Bolten in the UN we can expect resolutions made to order.

Before she left the Green Zone, Rice declared that the fate of Iraq was bound to the fate of the Bush administration. “So you better shape up or I’m sending Karl Rove here to clean up this mess.