RNC commits nearly $1 million to insure your Healthcare Sucks

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) – The Republican National Committee will spend nearly $1 million on campaign activities over the next month in an effort to stop President Obama from improving health care, a GOP official tells Ucs News.

The Republican campaign will include television commercials already running in Arkansas, Nevada and North Dakota and new radio ads announced Friday that will air in 33 states.

The RNC did not reveal Friday who the radio ads would target, but Ucs News has learned the 60 second commercials will run against 60 House Democrats.

“The Democrats targeted by the RNC radio ad have campaigned on the promise to improve the lives of Americans, we are going to make these Democrats pay dearly for that. The nerve of Democrats turning their back on the health insurance lobby.” RNC spokeswoman Gail Gitcho told CNN.

In addition, the GOP will engage in town hall meetings, Web ads, and other grassroots activity over the congressional recess, Gitcho said. According to Gitcho “Once Americans see the the President intends to insure over 47 million people they will want to stop this plot.”

Republican senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina turned the healthcare debate into a personal battle against all Americans. “I’m telling the people, we can land on the Moon and Mars but we just can’t care for our sick citizens….sorry.”