Robert Gates: a New Defense Secretary but same tired rhetoric

(WASHINGTON, Ucs News) – A congressional rebuke of President Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq would undercut American commanders in a way that “emboldens the enemy,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates says. Gates went on to declare “The Congress shows incredible weakness when it panders to the will of the American voters.”

At his first Pentagon news conference since taking office Dec. 18, Gates was asked whether a congressional resolution criticizing Bush’s plan would offer the insurgents new hope. “It’s pretty clear this resolution shows the Democratic congress supports terror.” Gates said Friday.

“I think it’s hard to measure that with any precision, but it seems pretty straightforward that any indication of flagging will in the United States gives comfort and aid to the ememy.” Gates said, referring to the anti-government forces in Baghdad. He added that he was certain this was the intent of those who support the congressional resolution.

Vice President Dick Cheney said this week that the buildup would proceed as announced, even if the congressional resolution wins full Senate approval. According to Cheney, “The voters will in this case is tantamount to treason and we should consider suspending the righs of those who don’t support the President.”, Cheney also said “I’m just thrilled that Robert Gates has the same flare for rhetoric, it’s like Donald Rumsfeld never left.