Robert Novak is Dead : World goes on with one less mean old jerk

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News: After a long illness conservative lightning rod Robert Novak passed away today. Known as the Prince of Darkness, Novak enjoyed his roll as the no compromises cold hearted blowhard. To many Novak was just another screaming talking head, but to those that knew him well Robert Novak was a just a real jerk.

In his long career as a right wing scum bag Novak won many prestigious awards, including the Unconfirmed Sources “Tool of the Year Award”. According to Ucs News Editor and Chief Kamal El-Din “Robert really peaked during the second Bush administration, as a shameless Iraq war cheerleader and traitor to the nation his crap covered shoes will be hard to fill.”

Many in the right wing media looked for Robert Novak to supply the conservative movements ideological brain, he played a counter point to Rush Limbaughs vacuous daily screeds. He did not disappoint, weather facing an energy crises or health care quagmire Robert Novak could be counted on to offer his trademark “Tax cuts for the rich will solve our problems.”

So we say farewell to Robert Novak! May you soul be warmed by the flames of hell.