Robotic Bush Vows More Changes Coming

Rockville, MD (Rotters) – US President George W. Bush didn’t have to speak during his visit to the Parkland Magnet Middle School for Aerospace Technology. He stood in awe and watched as students demonstrated a lifelike robotic version of him that spoke to those assembled. The robot announced the appointment of Trade Representative Rob Portman as the new White House budget director, and vowed that more changes were coming. Bush was reportedly so impressed with the performance that he quickly decided to follow through with it in reality, and hours later, made the official announcement in the Rose Garden at the White House.

The robot went on to describe the inherent values in stridently pursuing the incorporation of America, citing a recent example of the sale of the rights to the Smithsonian’s public trust museums to Showtime Inc.

“I think I’ve seen a way to free up my…agenda,” said Bush afterwards. “This new technology makes it really easy to just sit back and be a decider. And if you think about it, there’s not really anything left to decide, so it takes all of the hard work out of being a decider. I agree with my robot friend here, and I decided a long time ago that the corporate road was the right one for America.”

In a related story, Showtime announced that a deal had been made with the Pentagon and the Smithsonian for a series of nostalgic documentaries to air on Showtime extolling the overwhelming successes of the Vietnam conflict and how they are being applied successfully in the fine tuning and pre-step down phase of the Iraq conflict today.