Romney Campaign Plans Pre-Election Military Strike Against Iran

(San Diego) Ucs News- The Romney Campaign released the Governors plan for a pre-election Air strike and limited ground invasion of Iran. The plans include the list of private contractors, targets and detailed time line for the ambitions October strike. Speaking at a Memorial Day event at a veterans museum in San Diego, Romney made the announcement.

“If The President won’t lead our military into Iran…I will” said Romney.

Mitt Romney warned the “world is not safe with Barack Obama in control of the US army” and cast the upcoming election as a choice between a nation that is weakened militarily versus “a strong America.”

Romney went on to detail the command structure of his planning attack on Iran. Newt Gingrich has been tapped to lead the ground forces, while Rick Santorum and Rick Perry will lead the contracted air units. “It’s a great day for America” Romney stated. “With bold American entrepreneurs conquering space I’m going to prove we can conquer foreign powers on Earth.”