Romney, Giuliani Injured in Waffle Iron Accidents

GOP Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are resting comfortably today after receiving bizarre waffle iron related injuries. The candidates claim the injuries occurred early Friday morning at different locations and times and are not waffle related. Our expert believes the incidents occurred on Thursday night during the first debate between GOP candidates for President and are definitely waffle related.

Giuliani appeared on television Friday and bore the distinctive grid like pattern from a waffle iron on his face. He claims the reddish waffle pattern came from sleeping on a heavily patterned blanket at the hotel, but experts disagree.

“I’ve seen that pattern before.” says waffle expert Guy Thomas. “The pattern is square and the fine spacing of the grid appears to be of the iron used by IHOP restaurants for their basic waffle. As apposed to the larger patterned round waffle irons used to produce the Belgian style waffles, which of course have nothing to do with Belgium at all.”

The waffle-like marks appearing on candidate Romney on the other had appear to be the larger round Belgian style.

Both candidates refused to admit that they had been waffling the night before.