Romney to divorce 2nd and 3rd wives ahead of Iowa caucus

(Iowa : Ucs News) With only three weeks left until the Iowa caucuses, Mitt Romney made a surprise announcement. Keen to swing Iowa voters to his point of view he confirmed that he will be filing for a divorce from both Cindy Romney and Mary Romney. The two wives could not be reached for comments but campaign staffers confirmed the pair was served papers the same day.

As a part of Romney’s “Ask Mitt Anything” campaign, the loud Linn County crowd came together for a “meet and greet” event, marking his 16th visit to that county alone. Linn asked Romney “if the multiple wives would hurt his chances in Iowa?” Romney dodged the question moving to his standard “faith in the nation” speech.

The presidential-nomination hopeful was accompanied by his first wife Anne Romney. Anne Romney was pleased that Mitts other wives would be let go, in an interview with Larry King she suggested the nation just is not ready for a first, second and third lady in the white house.

Republican strategists agree that Romney had to drop the 2nd and 3rd wives to be competitive. Campaign staffers quietly praised the action. One staffer explained that scheduling the 2 others wives was a hassle and that many voters didn’t understand the practicality of having 3 wives.