Romney's Campaign admit to "Push polling" and use of Mitt-botts in South Carolina

(South Carolina : Ucs News) The US presidential race for the Republican ticket has moved into the deep south and deeper into dirty politics. With campaigns running full force in South Carolina Mitt Romney’s staffers are playing hard-ball Dixie Land politics.

According to a disgruntled campaign staffer Romney has paid over 185 thousand dollars to run an aggressive push-polling campaign targeting Mike Huckabee. The staffer also admitted the 15 computer controlled Mitt-botts have been activated to campaign in South Carolina’s rural counties.

The Cyberdyne Systems Corporation created the Miit-Botts to boost the Romney campaign on Suoer Tuesday, but apparently the T-800 based Mitt-Botts will be fielded tested in South Carolina. The Mitt-Bott features perfect hair and a life like plastic skin. The unit bares a striking resemblance to the real mostly synthetic human Mitt Romney.

Romney campaign volunteer Zoe Soto-Gilbert was seen programing one of the blow dried, blue suited Mitt-botts in preparation for a speech in front of 230 unemployed textile workers. The video clip shows Soto-Gilbert setting the Mitt-Bott into the “Shameless Pandering” operational mode.