Rove Crashes Reality, Offers Up Sweet and Sour Bush in a Heck of a Job

Washington, DC (Rotters) – Karl Rove made a rare public appearance at the American Enterprise Institute yesterday as the blogging world continued to buzz with speculations of his impending impeachment. If the “scoop” from little known investigative reporter Jason Leopold from is to be believed Karl approaches a 24 hour deadline today in which he will need to turn himself into Federal authorities and be charged in his alleged role in the outing of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame.

Rove appeared relaxed, and calm yesterday, in contrast to the controversy in which he is embroiled. Rove offered that the Iraq war was a very sour issue for the American public, but steadfastly stood behind the marketed sweet disposition of his boss, George W. Bush.

Rove offered to the group the new book “Crashing the Gate” as one that he had recently read and found very interesting and influential. The book is co-written by Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, the owner of the blogosphere’s most widely read and quoted Progressive website, The Daily Kos. Rove stated that all Conservatives should read it and fear it for the threat to domestic security that it is. A Washington Post reporter then asked Rove if he was responsible for the glossy flyers that appear to be making their ways through battleground states ahead of the 2006 elections in which it is intimated that there is a Gay relationship between Moulitsas and Armstrong. Rove responded simply, “Nice Try.”

Perhaps signaling that there may indeed be some merit to the stories of pressure from the impending charges against him, the normally meticulous and precise Rove caught himself on two occasions nearly muttering the phrase “Heck of a job” in regards to Bush’s handling of the American/Mexican border and the economy.

As Leopold’s deadline for Rove to step down and turn himself in to face charges in the Plame affair expires today, he has threatened to reveal his informed sources if the story does not pan out. Betting bloggers from the Right are giving odds that Leopold has just been “Dan Rathered” by the master himself.