Rove Signs on With Clinton Campaign

Washington, DC (UPSI) – In a stunning yet somewhat predictable turn of events this morning the Hillary Clinton campaign announced the hiring of soon to be resigning Bush aide and master strategist, Karl Rove. Rove had appeared on a number of news and opinion shows over the past weekend during which he declared Clinton to be the likely Democratic presidential candidate, and one whom he described as “fatally flawed”.

“Our curiosity was ultimately piqued by what Mr. Rove considered the Senator’s fatal flaw,” stated a Clinton campaign staffer. “The desire to see Ms. Clinton as the ultimate nominee is one which we of course have in common, and his would most certainly be a valuable insight.”

Clinton welcomed Rove on board the campaign team last night at a public appearance, stating that he would be joining after his formal resignation from the Bush administration takes effect on August 31. The Clinton campaign refused to speculate over rumors that a deal had been struck in regards to the possibility of Mr. Rove having to testify before Congress in connection with alleged misdeeds.

“What can I say, I love a challenge and the money was good,” stated Mr. Rove after the campaign appearance. “These character flaws are a piece of cake considering what I’ve had to work with in the past. I sincerely do believe that I can ultimately hand her the Democrat nomination. The archetype of the cuckold will be a tough workaround, but you go to the election with the candidate that you’d like and not necessarily the one that you have.”