Rove Spearheads Lieberman Independent Run

Washington, DC (APE) – White House aide Karl Rove announced today that he would be taking personal responsibility for the fledgling independent run of Joe Lieberman for Connecticut state senate. He has labeled the race and all its implications as potential “Republican Dynamite”.

Lieberman, refusing to accept the will of the Connecticut Democratic party in his loss to Ned Lamont yesterday, announced his candidacy for the same position as an independent in the fall election. The White House later sent a message to Lieberman campaign headquarters stating that ‘the boss is concerned with the results and will pledge whatever it takes’.

“If they had put me in, things would have been different,” stated Rove. “We would have taken the state. No doubt. No doubt in my mind. Don’t you ever wish you had a time machine and could just go back… well, we’re looking into it. I wish Joe would have talked to us earlier… nowadays voters are only interested in leaders with great computer hacking skills…”

Rove went on to say that plans were in place for a complete makeover of Senator Lieberman. The goal will be to present him as strong on national security as well as sympathetic to the immigration issue and the national and statewide Latino vote.

Rove stated that the president would continue to offer his personal support to Lieberman, probably in the form of security and campaign logistics.

“This was an incredibly ugly race, and the citizens of Connecticut deserve better,” continued Rove. “I don’t know how things are done around the rich and influential liberal cities in Connecticut, but driving around a massive Paper Mache pi