Rudy Giuliani admits to hearing voices: "That's why I said all that to Ron Paul"

NEW YORK, NY — A sad and desperate looking Rudy Giuliani poured out his heart on national television. He admitted that the reason why he viciously attacked Congressman Ron Paul is because he is hearing voices in his head.

During the last Republican debate, Rudy Giuliani said that Ron Paul should “withdraw” his comments about the U.S. government inviting the 911 attack, yet it wasn’t Ron Paul who said that, but FOX News correspondent Wendell Goler who said that in a question to Ron Paul, who is the only Republican candidate that makes any sense. Rudy Giuliani now admits to hallucinating and hearing voices, which explains his erratic behavior.

“I said that stuff to Ron Paul because I am hearing voices. My ghost friends told me to say that to Ron Paul while I was up on stage,” explained a psychotic Rudy Giuliani.