Rudy Giuliani injured in Kite Surfing Accident

(Ucs News : International) Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is currently resting comfortably in a New York City hospital following a freak accident. The Former Mayor of New York was injured in a crash while kite surfing in the waters of Long Island sound.

Witness reported seeing Giuliani spin out of control after aborting a position and flip-floping. Gloria Sims an eyewitness stated, “Giuliani was trying to take a position in the middle, having it both ways when he crashed.” Giuliani was caught in tangle of lines and was in a position of near drowning when rescued.

According to doctors treating Giuliani the Mayors injures are not serious, but may take several weeks to completely heal.

In an interview from his bedside Giuliani admitted he was at fault for causing the accident. Giuliani stated “I was trying to set up a complex position and I flip-floped, the maneuver was an abortion.”