Rudy Giuliani takes a firm stance on immigration reform

(Washington : Ucs News) Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani took time off from retelling the story of 9/11 to explain his position on immigration reform. Giuliani stated “If i were the President I would make killing international terrorists and high speed rail the center pieces of any immigration reform.”

Giuliani went on to criticize the Presidents immigration reform package. “The Bush plan is the worst of both worlds.” says Giuliani. According to Rudy, the Bush plan will lure millions of immigrants with amnesty and ruin the low wage job market. The Former Mayer is also faults the immigration bill for not doing enough to kill international terrorists.

The Giuliani campaign formerly released a position paper that detailed the key elements of his immigration plan. Giuliani intends to kill international terrorists and build a high speed mag-lev train running from New York, through Chicago, ending in the Mexican town of Nuevo Lorado. The railway with supporting detention centers would provide thousands of well paid construction and security positions.

With 12 million immigrants requiring transportation south the construction and operation will take at least 25 years to clear America of it’s illegal immigrants, providing the 850 mile long border fence can secure the nation from even more illegal immigration.

Giuliani closed his immigration speech with a call to action. “If there is one thing I learned from standing atop the smoking rubble of the World Trade center towers on that terrible day of 9/11, We need a tough immigration reform plan. In the name of the victims of 9/11and in the name of freedom, I will kick out those hard working folks that are stealing our nations crappy low wage jobs. God Bless Americans.