Rudy Giuliani's Healthcare Plan : Kill International Terrorists

(Washington : Ucs News) Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani took time off from retelling the story of 9/11 to explain the details of his healthcare plan. Speaking to Iowa farmers Giuliani stated “I will make killing international terrorists the center piece of my free market health insurance plan.”

Giuliani went on to criticize the Healthcare plan proposed by the leading Democratic contender Barak Obama. “The Obama plan is too focused on low cost delivery and universal care, It does nothing to stop the spread of international terrorism.”

In a white paper delivered to the press after his speech Rudy Giuliani detailed the key elements of his plan. The primary reforms would be to allow private insurance companies more freedom and flexibility to change rates without notice and limit coverage without notice. A key provision calls for 15% of all insurance premiums to be spent on weapons and training for counter terrorism forces.

Insurance experts that have reviewed the plan are critical of the lack of substance. The Giuliani Healthcare plan does not provide guaranteed coverage or outline any low cost alternatives but does include provisions to fund the killing of international terrorists.

Giuliani closed his remarks in Iowa with a call to action. “If there is one thing I learned from standing atop the smoking rubble of the World Trade center towers on that terrible day of 9/11, Those blood thirsty international terrorists will stop at nothing to impose the Democratic universal heath care plan on free Americans. In the name of the victims of 9/11, in the name of freedom, I will stop them, God Bless America.