Rumsfeld: Al Qaeda has better PR firm in Iraq.

(New York : UCS News ) The war on terror isn’t going very well according to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfled stated that al-Qaeda is willing in Iraq and the USA should consider new tactics. Rumsfled stated “I’m concerned that we are not winning the in a way that will allow US troops to withdrawn, but we are winning.” Rumsfeld then announced PR firm handling the US war in Iraq would be fired.

The Lincoln Group, a Washington-based public relations firm, was told early in 2003 by the Pentagon to build support for the war and project a sense of victory to the american people. According to Rumsfeld the army has done it’s job but the Lincoln group and Fox news have failed in theirs. The Pentagon has sacked the firm and payed out the 32 million dollars remaining in the contract.

Paige Craig Executive Vice President Strategic Solutions defended the Lincoln Groups work on the Iraq war PR contract. “We did a fine job for the Pentagon, but we just could not catch a break. We were just out matched by the firm hired by al-Qaeda in Iraq.” According to Juan Cole, noted middle east expert, Craig has a point. “While al-Qaede was severing heads on al-Jeezera and getting sky high ratings the Abu-Grab torture photos played on Fox news with terrible polling numbers.”

Internal company financial records show that Lincoln spent about $144,000 on the Abu-grab torture photo campaign building an elaborate set in Hollywood and importing actual prisoners from Iraq and Afghanistan. Craig of the Lincoln Group shot back at Rumsfeld “The Secretary personally okayed the photos and videos he explained the material was to be used as a training aid for troops in Iraq.”