Rush Limbaugh Announces Progressive Pro Growth Tax policy

(Washington DC ) Ucs News –No longer content to sit on the side lines and launch bombs in to the public debate Rush Limbaugh has attacked one of the nations most serious policy issues. Rush presented his new Progressive Pro-Growth Tax policy to a bi-partisian group of senior Senators.

The Rush plan calls for a very progressive income and property tax scale with many loop holes closed. The overall tax burden is flattened. Each income level paying their fair share. The over all rate is actually lower with no one group “getting a free ride”, in Limbaugh’s words.

In the Words of Rush – Welfare queens and Wall street robber barons will all pay there fair share.

The Limbaugh plan offers citizens and corporations incentives to keep jobs in America and reduce energy usage. Limbaugh is also calling for an aggressive Carbon cap and trade system. “The US should be leading in efficiency and green technology. It’s time we rewarded people and corporations that are operating in the best interests of the nation.”

Rush also called for an end to the current foreign interventions. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are ruining any chance of the US being financially solvent. The Rush plan calls for the Military to be withdrawn and reset with 3 years. “I would put defense contractors and Pentagon pencil pushers on notice…”Said Limbaugh “no more $90 dollar hammers and 50 million dollar cost overruns in Iraq!”

Democratic Senator Barack Obama has reviewed the plan. According Obama the program that Rush has authored, while not perfect, is excellent in it’s depth and shows that Rush has a solid understanding of government economics. Obama stated “I’m thrilled that Rush has taken on a constructive role. I believe he’s an intelligent man and I’m happy to see he is no longer wasting all his time on mindless partisan fire bombing.”