Rush Limbaugh Calls For Violet Uprising : Breaks down on the air

(New York) Ucs News– Conservative talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh is no longer willing to just watch politics from the sidelines. Just days after announcing a plan for riots in Denver the controversial Limbaugh is calling for a violet national uprising. During his Saturday broadcast Limbaugh encouraged his listeners to “Rise up and seize control of the government.”

According to Limbaugh “It’s time for Republicans to march on Washington D.C. and demand the keys of the White House.” “It’s time we took control of the executive branch” screamed Limbaugh over the airwaves. With an audience in the tens of millions only time will tell if the loyal “ditto heads” will heed the call.

In the course of Limbaugh’s terroristic rant he demanded that protesters should descend on the Republican convention and disrupt the proceedings “in the name of Democracy!”. Rush went on to blast the Bush administration for failing to win the war in Iraq, failing to capture Osama Bin Laden and failing for failing the American people.

The bombastic Limbaugh was clearly unhinged by the end of the broadcast. Between shouts and sobs the commentator lamented the years spent pushing the conservative Republican agenda were all “wasted”. “The Lies , the pills, the hate….We have failed the nation. We have failed ourselves. We were wrong….wrong…wrong…(sobs)” sobbed Limbaugh.