Rush Limbaugh demands Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions Apologize for "bigoted remarks"

Washington (Ucs News) While Sonia Sotomayor stood for questioning in her Confirmation hearings it is was Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions that took the heat. After making several clearly racist remarks during the hearing, Sessions came under fire from observers from the left and right. Most notably right wing radio personality Rush Limbaugh spent several hours castigating Sessions during his Wednesday broadcast.

During the hearing, Sessions demanded that Sotomayor pretend to be a white Catholic male while she answered his questions. Sessions went on to ask Sotomayor if she thought “Latino women were more qualified to be hair dressers or house keepers?”

“Sessions went over the top.” said Rush. “While it’s understood that Republicans are generally white men and tend to be racist, Jeff knows we keep this on the down low so we can still get elected.” Limbaugh then demanded that Sessions Apologize.

Jeff Sessions, a former prosecutor and attorney general in his home state, was nominated to serve as a federal judge by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. According to Limbaugh “He’s just bitter that he was denied a seat on the federal bench by the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 9-9 vote which deemed him “grossly insensitive” on racial issues. During his own hearings, Sessions admitted to “frequently joking in an off-color sort of way.”

“Jeff Sessions is just not qualified to vote on Supreme Court nominations.” intoned Limbaugh. “In fact I would not trust that guy to walk my dog.”