Rush Limbaugh Joins Fight in Iraq

Unconfirmed sources report that the radio host Rush Limbaugh has quit his syndicated program and has joined the US Army. Limbaugh is one of the first Americans to join the army under the new ‘Quick Deployment’ program. According to our sources Limbaugh is already on the ground in Iraq and has even participated in several patrols and anti-insurgent operations.

“Rush has apparently decided that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.” Says fellow personality Bill O’Reily. “I applaud the guys guts. Rush is going to show all the anti-war, anti-American ninnies out there how it is done. Go Rush!”

Limbaugh and a select group of Senator’s and Representatives’ sons and daughters qualified for Army’s new ‘Quick deployment’ program and are already in Iraq.

“The ‘Quick Deployment’ program has been an amazing success.” Says General Ben Hastely. “Under the new program individuals of privilege and power, and their families, can get right into the fight in Iraq, without all the tedious and time consuming training that regular soldiers have to go through. This program makes it possible for the elite of this nation to really get behind the war effort. I thank all the Americans who have decided to give there best in Iraq.”

Limbaugh is stationed just outside Baghdad and in a highly active area. His tour of duty is expected to last some two weeks.