Rush Limbaugh Makes Tearful Apology to Michael J. Fox

Right wing personality Rush Limbaugh has shown his sensitive side by meeting Michael J. Fox and apologizing for comments he made last week. The two met at a charity fund raiser to support research into curing Parkinson’s disease. Limbaugh who had sparked a major controversy by disparaging Fox for his advocacy of stem cell research supporters apologized and promised to donate one million dollars to Parkinson’s research.

“This is a gutsy move for Limbaugh.” Says radio critic Glen Burnside. “Rush is known for being a tough SOB and never apologizing to anybody, let along a liberal Hollywood movie star. Rush must have reconsidered his inflammatory charges and seen the light so to speak. Rush may be a wind bag, but he ain’t low enough to make fun of some poor guy’s health.”

Other media watchers disagree with this appraisal of Limbaugh’s motives.

“Why did he do it? Simple, Rush can read a ratings report. Arbitron overnights showed that thousands of people where tuning out and that means the loss of big bucks for Rush. This was a financial decision. Nothing more.” Says Betsy Wagner of Media Week Magazine.

It is unclear weather the gesture by Rush will cool the inflamed passions of Fox and other Parkinson’s disease advocates who have called for a nationwide boycott of the Rush Limbaugh Program. Several radio stations have already canceled the program and another station even helped organize an anti-Rush rally at the offices of a Rush carrying competitor.