Rush Limbaugh to Form Committee To Explore White House Bid in '08

Rush Limbaugh, said today that he will form an exploratory committee as the first step toward a possible run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. The announcement has rocked the Washington Republican establishment as the most powerful voice of American conservatism has decided that it is time to make a run himself. This announcement instantly changes the entire race for the Republican nomination. Limbaugh must be viewed as an odds on favorite.

The action is totally unexpected from Limbaugh, who has reportedly lost faith in any of the probable Republican hopefuls. Limbaugh dismissed John McCain, a likely candidate for the nomination in 2008, as a weak willed big government Republican. Limbaugh, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday, said that while he won’t make a decision until talking with his family over the holidays, “Are we doing the things organizationally and legally that need to be done to prepare for it? Yes.” Limbaugh said that the formation of an exploratory committee is imminent.

“I’ve been carrying water for these ‘so called conservatives’ for long enough.” Said Limbaugh on his wildly popular radio program. “The truth is I’m tired of these people. They think that they can just use conservative voters to win but no deliver on our issues. Well the days of the free ride are over. I’m going to run! And win! It’s simple really, if you want it done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.”

Just five days after midterm elections that returned control of the House and Senate to Democrats, prospective presidential candidates in both parties put down markers about their intentions for 2008. Accelerated primary schedules and fundraising requirements will make it necessary for candidates to start their campaigns in the next few months.

The 2008 race is expected to be particularly active because it will be the first time in decades that neither party has an incumbent president or vice president in the race.