Rush Limbaugh To Sing at Elton John's Wedding

Pop Star Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish announced today that they will be moving to Massachusetts and tying the knot in a gala church wedding. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh will be singing several wedding songs at the nuptials.

“Elton asked me to sing at his wedding and I thought it only fair as he sang at mine”, Limbaugh told the news media. “I have changed my attitude toward gays. From now on I firmly believe that any two consenting adults who love each other should be able to wed regardless of sexual preference”.

Many people expressed surprise at Limbaugh’s change of heart regarding gay marriage and expressed fears that the right wing talk show host has taken a dangerous shift to the left. . “He’s turned his back on us!” said Alabama gay basher Billy Crabtree. “He’s turned into one of them pansy loving liberals! I ain’t listening to his radio show no more! If one of my kids listens to his show he or she will be whipped silly!”

Limbaugh refused to comment on how much he will be paid for his performace though sources claim it will be “less than $200”.

“The man can barely talk let alone sing!” said the source.