Russian planes attack Georgia : John McCain vows to defend Atlanta

(Georgia Border) Ucs News- A RUSSIAN army convoy entered South Georgia last night and Russian planes attacked a Georgian military base, after Georgian forces captured the capital of the breakaway province. Upon hearing of the attacks Arizona Senter John McCain vowed to defend the Georgia capital of Atlanta “to the last man.” McCain them demanded the Democratically controlled congress to pass a declaration of war against Russia. “This attack on American soil must not stand, The people of Georgia must be defended!” said McCain.

Senator McCain’s tough stance on the war in Georgia is seen as a great way for McCain to boost his foreign policy credentials while dealing with a domestic crisis. According to his staffers McCain called US President George W. Bush to request the Georgia National Guard be called from IraQ to defend Atlanta.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said “ethnic cleansing” had been reported in villages in Georgia McCain stated, “The number of refugees is growing. A humanitarian crisis is looming,” “It’s like the attack into Afghanistan in 1979. It’s like Czechoslovakia when Soviet and Russian tanks moved in,” McCain told Ucs News.

“If they get away with this in Georgia, the world will be in trouble.” Mr McCain warned of “large-scale military intervention” and ordered a mass mobilization.