Samuel Alito Withdraws from Supreme Count Consideration, Bush to Take His Place

Unconfirmed sources indicate that Samuel Alito has withdrawn his nomination to the Supreme Court so that George W. Bush can take his place. Alito, who was on the verge of confirmation, apparently sent a note to the President urging him to take the position on the court himself. The President considered the matter very carefully for over an hour and decided to do it. The White House expects a very quick confirmation of the President as the newest Associate Justice to the Supreme Court.

“The President always says that if you want something done right you have to do it your self.” Said White House spokesman Ben Lion. “Mr. Bush feels that safe guarding his illegal expansion of Presidential powers is too important to be left to anybody but himself, that that is why he has decided to become the first sitting President to be a member of the Supreme Court. The President knows it’s a big job be the President and a Supreme Court Justice at the same time, but he wants to assure the American public that he has lots of people from business and the religious right telling him what to do.”

Constitutional experts are scratching their heads over the prospect of the President sitting on the Supreme Court, but can’t find any compelling legal reason why he shouldn’t.

“The only trouble with I can see is that there may be a separation of powers issue here.” Says Supreme Court expert and Aruba resident Greta Van Susteren. “I think that some rigid constitutional scholars will have a problem with it, but to me it’s only a technical violation of the spirit of the law. And when you consider that we are at war, I just don’t think anyone is going to stand in the Presidents way on this one.”

“This is a brilliant move by the President.” Raves Bill Krystol of the Weekly Standard. “Bush has shown once again why he is the master of Washington politics. By becoming a member of the court himself he will be able to protect all of the gains he and the Republicans have made over the last 9 years. Any legal attack on his or his parties tactics will be defended by a right wing court that is very sympathetic to the Presidents views. Bravo Mr. President. Bravo.”

The White House Council’s office has releases a draft statement that indicates that the President may not even need to approved by the Senate and he may be able to swear himself in at anytime.