Sanjay Gupta critically injured : CNN Insurance Policy Rejected

(Atlanta : Ucs News) CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta was admitted to Atlanta Faith Hospital yesterday after suffering a fall the news networks studio. The unconscious Gupta was then denied medical attention and transfered to the Atlanta City Hospital emergency room where he waited 3 hours for treatment.

According to staffers at Atlanta Faith Hospital Guptas HMO coverage provided by CNN denied care because the accident, ambulance ride and emergency room visit were not pre-approved. “Without payment we were forced to send Mr. Gupta to city Hospital.” Atlanta City Hospital is state supported and often accepts indigent patience into their care.

At Atlanta City Hospital Sanjay Gupta is said to be resting comfortably but does not remember the events that lead to his injury. CNN staffers, speaking off the record confirmed that “Sanjay was in a rage” after confronting the fact checking intern that approved the Michael Moore hit piece that aired during Wolf Blitzers interview with the controversial producer.

Apparently Sanjay became tangled in sound cables and fell injuring his head as he stormed off the set of his weekly medical update.

Doctors at Atlanta City Hospital report he is suffering from significant brain injures but the slurred speech and diminished mental capacity should not prevent him from returning to work at CNN.