Sarah Palin…A Heartbeat Away?

I guess it plays well with somebody out there, but after eight years of hearing George W. Bush spit out his down home, folksy patter, I don’t think I could stand another four of Sarah Palin’s, “You betcha’s,” and “darn rights”. When did it become a law that our President or Vice President have to sound stupider than ninety percent of the American People, or, in the cases of George Bush and Sarah Palin, actually be stupider than ninety percent of the American People? “Sarah, we’ve-been attacked again by Middle East terrorists and John McCain just stroked out and flat-lined…you’re now Madam President. Should we bomb Toronto?” “You Betcha!”. For God’s sake.

Seriously, can you imagine Sarah Palin leading us in either war or peace? She’s make a good First Lady, sure, but our Commander-in-Chief? She doesn’t even seem to realize where she lives; she refers to Alaska as ‘the Heartland’, as if Alaska is tucked in somewhere between Iowa and Nebraska. Alaska might be many things, but the Heartland it ain’t.

I keep getting the feeling that if she and John McCain lose in November she’s going to be really pissed- not because she lost, but because she wasted so much time learning all this stupid economic and foreign affairs crap for nothing. You can tell she really studied hard and took a lot of notes- in fact, she seemed to be constantly referring to them all evening, at some points even reading directly from them. The Crib Sheet Veep.

But what really got me was when Joe Biden almost broke up as he spoke of the accident that killed his wife. Back in 2004, when Dick Cheney talked about his gay daughter, John Edwards and he shared a genuine and intimate moment of sympathy. Sarah Palin just blew by a moment of obvious pain for Senator Biden, as if acknowledging his suffering might somehow give him credence. Or maybe her handlers never coached her that in addition to being folksy she might have to at some point be human as well. Hell, maybe she just didn’t care. After all, part of being a “pit bull in lipstick” is being a pit bull.

So today the mainstream press talks about how Sarah Palin didn’t lose the debate and to some, might have even won it, just because she wasn’t completely stupid. Is that what American politics has become- we’ll elect her because she’s not an utter bone-head?
I guess it’s true in these days of Bush…anyone really can become president.