Sarah Palin Accuses Democratic Voters of Stealing Election

(Denver : Colorado) Ucs News– As early voting kicks off around the nation the embattled McCain campaign has taken aim at Obama supporters. Speaking to a crowd of dedicated supports John McCain’s Vice Presidential selection Sarah Palin accused Democrats of trying to steal the election, “You can see them voting for Obama by the thousands in broad daylight. This will not Stand!” she shouted.

Responding to the crowds enthusiastic cheers Palin went on to accuse ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, of perpetrating massive voter fraud on a systematic nation wide scale. “It’s public record that ACORN registered over 1.3 million voters in 21 states. ACORN is the shame of our nation.” said the Alaska Governor.

“Now these 1.3 millions voters registered by ACORN are stuffing ballot boxes across our nation one vote at a time. It is a travesty, I demand an investigation!” Palin said.

Sarah Palin is correct, According to Ucs News reporters nation wide Obama voters are indeed trying to steal the election. Exit polls from early voting locations have confirmed that Obama supporters are overwhelming voting for Barack Obama.