Sarah Palin Blasts John McCain for Keating 5 Fiasco

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was rudely awakened to the harsh political reality of American Presidential politics Sunday. After castigating Barack Obama for having dinner with reformed 60’s radical Bill Ayers, Palin was informed by an aid that her running mate had close personal ties to convicted bank fraudster Charles Keating.

According to Palin staffers The Alaska Governor was “livid” and feels betrayed by the McCain campaign managers. “Who the hell is Charles Keating! and why is John McCain one of the Keating 5?” Apparently Palin was not fully briefed on the Keating 5 controversy.

The Palin team then issued a terse press release. “The Governor has personally condemned the actions of Arizona Senator John McCain as it relates to the Keating 5.” The press release went on to state that “McCain must offer a full accounting of his business and personal relationships with Charles Keating.” Sarah Palig then offered to review the evidence before she makes her final opinion on the Keating 5 case.

Todd Palin later told reporters “The Keating 5 case is the very symbol of the greed and corruption of bankers that spread through Senator McCain into the government of the United Sates of America.” Todd then explained “My Sarah is a maverick and I know she won’t rest until the Keating 5 fiasco is laid bare for all to see the depth of McCain’s corrupt depravity and poor judgment.”