Sarah Palin Field Dresses Deer During Rally : McCain Supporters Riot

(St. Clairsville Ohio) Ucs News– Republican party faithful rallied behind their new hero today, but the event turned ugly as Palin butchered a live deer on stage. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin continued her “Incite the Mob” road show in St. Clairsville Ohio. Following the success of her brawling events in Stongsville, she has turned up the heat on Democratic leader Barack Obama.

What began as just another emotionally charged political rally ended in bloodshed as Palin pulled a 18′” hunting knife from behind the podium and slaughtered a dear that had accidentally wandered into the outdoor event. As the angry mob chanted “No-Bama! No-Boma!” Palin proceeded to field dress the unfortunate animal.

Standing in the animals entrails the blooded Palin shouted “This is how we handle Democrats in Alaska!” as campaign aids distributed the fresh red meat to the rallies attendees.

The angry mod then stormed a nearby voter registration both and dutifully filled out registration cards promising to vote non-violently.