Sarah Palin, John McCain's Answer To Hillary Clinton, Debates Tonight!

Tonight’s the night that Sarah Palin, the Republican Hillary Clinton, debates Barak Obama’s running mate Joe Biden.Finally John McCain can prove once and for all to Hillary supporters that there’s no difference between Governor Palin and Senator Clinton- not in substance, basic intelligence, grasp of foreign policy, the economy, healthcare or even for that matter, military affairs. In fact, a vote for John McCain is really just like a vote for Hillary Clinton. Of course, John McCain has to die or stroke out for Sarah Palin to jump in, but still. By the end of this day at least Hillary supporters will know she’s ready to step in at the drop of a bright orange hunting cap.

However, if there still are any lingering doubts left after this evening, let’s look at a few comparisons:

Hillary Clinton is a Senator from New York, a state with a population of around nineteen million people and has been for seven or eight years. In addition, she’s spent twelve years as a governor’s wife and eight years as a president’s wife. In 2000, she won her Senate seat with a 9% majority; by 2006 she won her second term with a 67% of the popular vote, this in a state with over a quarter million more registered Republicans than Democrats.
Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska, a state with a population of around six hundred, eighty three thousand people and has been for two years. In addition, she’s spent eight years as the mayor of Wasilla, and four years on that city’s council. In 2006, she won her governorship with nearly 41% of the popular vote, this in a state with a more than two to one Republicans majority.

Already, the similarities are downright eerie, but let’s go on…

Hillary Clinton holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Wellesley, and a Juris Doctorate from Yale and was a practicing lawyer for several decades. She’s a noted legal scholar.

Sarah Palin holds a Bachelor of Science in communication/journalism from the University of Idaho.

Hillary has written three books, two of which were New York Times best sellers, and won a Grammy for one. She’s served on the Boards of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Wal-Mart, TCBY, Children’s Defense Fund, The New World Foundation, among others.

Sarah placed third in the Miss Alaska contest and was a sports reporter for a year or so. She also helped run the family’s fishing business.

I could go on, but let’s face it, you don’t want me to. Besides, what’s the point… I can’t find much more about Sarah Palin to talk about. Still,from these few simple paragraphs, every former Hillary supporter can see who they should give their vote to. In fact, they shouldn’t even need to watch any debates to decide. Actually, I think the Republicans are pretty much hoping that no one will watch tonight’s debate; I know I would be if I were them.