Sarah Palin missing in Bank Collapse : The Bush Legacy : Ike Irony : Phil Gramms Banks Fail : Oct…

John McCain : Trending Down
Deer in the headlights of Bank failure.
Not sure tax cuts will save us now
Unconfirmed advice:
Brilliant October surprise “We’re Bankrupt!”

Hurricane Ike : Trending Down

Houston we have a problem…..
Maybe Victims would get more attention if they lived in banks?

Unconfirmed advice:
Cut in line ahead of New Orleans, after Wall Street you will be next. 

Sarah Palin : Trending Down

She’s gone missing under the rubble of national banking collapse.
How did she handle the Wasilla bank crisis?

Unconfirmed advice: 

Get yourself a new winter coat Alaska is cold in January

Phil Gramm : Trending Down

I don’t know what to say. You Suck!

Unconfirmed advice:

Find a secure and undisclosed location so tax payers can’t lynch you.

George W. Bush : Trending Up

Finally your legacy is cemented: Complete and utter failure

You made the mighty US a third world country

Unconfirmed advice: 

Fund creation of a third party as you have ruined the Republicans