Sarah Palin: NAACP Racist

(New York-NY) Sarah Palin was not a scheduled speaker at the NAACP Convention in New York City this week, but it didn’t stop the beehive Republican rising star from making her point of view known outside of the gathering. “The “NAACP has an alarming record of racism, but we’re going to change that, you betcha!”

The comment came when Palin arrived in response to President Barack Obama’s address to the gathering. Palin expected “equal time for both parties.” When Palin was told that the convention was not a political event, the soon to be ex-governor was visibly vexed. “It’s this type of media spin that excludes a true dialogue on race in America. Look at, I don’t mind President Obama speaking. But last time I checked the dictionary that’s a monologue not a dialogue. A monologue is what David Letterman does when he’s not on the make for young girls.”

It was at this point that the Secret Service was about to remove Palin, thinking she was an impostor and a threat to the President. However, she produced her NRA lifetime membership card, and the removal was halted since the threat was only deemed to be against the Republican party.

Michael Musto, columnist for the “Village Voice”, was covering the NAACP event and asked Palin why she thought she would be allowed to speak. “I never thought I would be allowed to speak,” Palin replied, “because while the NAACP has done some good, the issue has to be addressed that they are racist. So why would they let me, a white person and a woman, speak?” Musto asked why this was? “Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. White is a color, but how many white people in this organization’s 100 years have been members? And I’ll give you one better, how many have been President? We have finally elected an African American President, so isn’t it time to have a white President of the NAACP? And now that I’m no longer going to be Governor of Alaska, we can change that, you betcha. Before you quote me out of context, I know I said that twice, but it bears repeating, you betcha.”

Current President of the NAACP Ben Jealous was asked about Palin’s statement. After an initial reaction of “Am I being Punk’d”, Jealous said, “This is America. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion. And I won’t say that I’m against the NAACP having a white president. In fact, I’m ready to act on it, the day after Sarah Palin becomes President of the United States.”

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