Sarah Palin proclaims: "Saturday Night Live is funny!"

Not only will Sarah Palin be on “Saturday Night Live”, she actually answered a question outside the studio.

(New York-NY) Showing up for her guest stint on this week’s “Saturday Night Live”, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin took time out for an impromptu press conference. One of her answers has both parties claiming it for their own agenda. When asked what Governor Palin thought of “Saturday Night Live” she said, “‘Saturday Night Live’ is funny. You betcha!” The phrase was followed by Governor Palin’s wink, now trademarked.

John McCain at a rally in Pennsylvania took time out to highlight the quote. “How about that Sarah Palin! She knows that “Saturday Night Live” is funny. That’s just the plain, straight shooting kind of talk we’re going to bring to Washington. You ask this woman a question, and by God you get an answer. What more could you want?”

Barack Obama’s campaign strategist David Axlerod immediately took up Senator McCain’s rhetorical question and turned it into an interrogative when interviewed on CNN’s “Situation Room”. “Sarah Palin answers questions like ‘What do you think of developing new forms of energy?’ with ‘Developing new forms of energy is good.’ Is that really answering the question?”

To which stout and conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh answered Axelrod on his show, “The point is does Sarah Palin answer questions? And the answer is yes. I think looking any further is simply another form of the Democratic left bending the truth to suit their agenda.”

To which CNN’s political analyst and supporter of Democratic President candidate Barack Obama Roland Martin responded, “Rush Limbaugh says answering a question is enough. I have a three-year old Boston Terrier named Winkie. Every morning I ask Winkie, ‘Does Winkie want to wee-wee?’ And Winkie brings me his leash. I guess in the McCain administration Winkie might not be fit for the Vice Presidency but based on Sarah Palin certainly a cabinet position.”

John McCain came to the side of his running mate at an AARP shuffleboard tournament he was attending at Century Village, Florida. “It’s time for a little straight talk. And you know I feel this is an important issue if I’m willing to let it cut into my shuffleboard time. This country is in its current state because no one was asking questions. Well, now people are asking questions, and Governor Palin is giving them answers. Answers, they don’t want to hear, because it’s the truth. Friends, “Saturday Night Live” is funny.”

At lease one McCain supporter is not buying it though. Joe “Not the plumber” Wurzelbacher took time out from the taping of his new DIY show on SpikeTV to weigh in. “I like John McCain. Sarah Palin is a piece. But I’ve seen “Saturday Night Live”, and I’ve seen “Frank TV” and “SNL” is no “Frank TV”.

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