Sarah Palin: Role Model? The answer is more than just a punch line.

(New York-NY) For my loyal readers, all five, you’re used to my point of view clothed in the satire of news parody. Not exactly “The Onion”, but at times I like to think they come to the level of a scallion, perhaps a leek. But something happened this weekend that simply forced me to come out from behind the parody. An event so seismic that I’m convinced like Jennifer Lopez’s red carpet Grammy “the dress” Sarah Palin’s resignation speech will be known to posterity (Yeah, I know I’m making a big assumption that soon to be ex-Governor Palin will have a legacy.) simply as “the speech”.

There are those who may call me out immediately for using the noun “speech.” I could call it “those series of words strung together in search of a theme”, but that’s just too long to type, and I have the beginnings of arthritis. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, let me say that politically I am neither a Democrat nor Republican. I don’t believe in absolutes. At best, they leave you with enough egg on your face so that the promotional sized Lipitor won’t reduce your cholesterol. At worst, absolutes can be a prelude to book burnings and goose-stepping. The only absolute I advocate comes in a bottle and is missing the “e”. So liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, I’m not trying to offend, much.

My fundamental issue with soon to be Ex-Governor Sarah Palin is her perceived (I stress “perceived” because I do not know what she is actually like. Todd, you talking?) clich