Sarah Palin Shocked As Levi Johnston Plans to Expose His Penis

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reacted with shock and disbelief as her daughter Bristol’s 19-year-old ex-boyfriend and father of her grandchild announced to the world that he was going to pose nude for Playgirl Magazine.

“I hope he wears a sock over his ding dong”, Palin stated. “I don’t want to see my grandbaby’s father’s manhood hanging out for all the world to see!”

Palin claimed that God would punish Levi for exposing his “private parts”. “God told Adam and Eve to put some clothes on. I’m sure he’d say the same thing to Levi”, the Christian Evangelical ex-governor stated.

Johnson’s ex-girlfriend Bristol could have been more pleased. “I want everyone to see why I got pregnant”, she told the news media.

Unconfirmed Sources state that Johnson has a “huge Wiley” and he simply wants to show it off. Other sources claim that Johnson is in serious financial trouble and needs the money Playgirl is offering.

“I’ve heard he could get $500,000 for this shoot”, said Johnson’s mother Sherry Johnson. “I want the world to know the wonderful son I have produced. I’m so proud of him!”

Sherry was arrested last year on an undercover drug sting operation by Alaska state troopers.