Sarah Palin Stripped of Abstinence Councilor Certification

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been stripped of her Alaska Abstinence Councilor Certification. The announcement came down from the Alaska Abstinence Councilor Certification Board, the body that certifies all abstinence councilors in the state. The ruling by the 7 member body was unanimous and takes effect immediately.

“The board has no choice under the circumstances,” says council spokesman Kent Crittenden. “You just can’t have a Certified Abstinence Councilor with a 17 year old daughter pregnant out of wedlock. The whole things casts a dark shadow over all the good work we have done here in Alaska. Now Ms Palin is, I’m sure, a fine mother, but her performance as an abstinence councilor obviously leaves much to be desired.”

“Look, you really gotta take it easy on abstinence councilors in Alaska,” cautions the president of the Nation Abstinence Councilors Union, Megan Meebeg. “Alaska is the toughest state in the country for abstinence councilors. With the long winter nights and freezing temperatures there is often very little for bored teens to do, under the circumstances.

The McCain/Palin campaign hasn’t commented on the ruling by the Abstinence Councilor Certification Board, but many experts believe this additional blow to the Republican hopefuls could not have come at worse time. And may rob them of any positive bounce they may have generated during the Republican National Convention.