Sarah Palin Survives Debate : McCain Abandons Michigan : Bacon Wrapped Bailout gets bailed out

Wall Street : Trending Up
Sweet deal for you- Private profit and Public Losses
Bank Robbers = Tired. Robber Banks = Wired
Unconfirmed advice:
Grab you ankles.. Butt sore Taxpayers will be back wanting regulation.

John McCain : Trending Down
Abandoning Michigan is NOT a sign of Strength
Down and out state Michigan gets kicked again This time by Republicans
Unconfirmed advice:
Send in Sarah Palin “ya Betch’a she can help.”

Sarah Palin : Trending Up
Millions tune in to see train-wreck…canned answers disappoint
She does survive….Republicans breath a sign of relief
Unconfirmed advice:
Avoiding self destruction a good start but not exactly a winning strategy.

Bush Bail Out Bill : Trending Even
A tough week for you kid. congratulations you made it!
Barney Frank and John Boehner agree for once – Historic!
Unconfirmed advice:
Remember Everything is better if it’s rolled in pork

George W. Bush : Trending Even
Financial crisis now safely passed on to next generation
You will be enshrined on Wall Street.
Unconfirmed advice:
That said ….Fear, Uncertainty and Debt will be your legacy