Sarah Palin Tea Party Keynote Blasts Republican Senator Richard Shelby

(Nashville, Tenn.) Ucs News: As Sarah Palin took the stage at the National Tea Party convention many expected her to rail against the Obama administration. The crowd of Palin faithful were shocked when the Former Alaska Governor turned Fox News commentator, launched into a 45 minute tirade blasting Senate Republicans, saving her most potent venom for the Alabama Senator Richard Shelby.

“Alabama Senator Richard Shelby has proved himself a corrupt traitor to his nation.” Said Palin. The feisty Alaskan went on to call Shelby the “Self serving toy of the European Aeronautic Defense & Space Co…..It makes me sick.” she said. Palin later called for Richard Shelby to repent and resign from his position. “Alabama doesn’t deserve much, but they sure deserve better than Richard Shelby.” Palin shouted to the Tea Party faithful.

The shocked Tea Party conventioneers were then stunned into silence when Palin turn on Republican Mitch McConnell. Palin demanded that Senate Republicans put aside their “Petty political posturing and pathetic partisan obstruction!” Palin tore into Mitch McConnell for “abandoning the sickest Americans to the clutches of the for profit Insurance companies.”

Palin went on to accuse the Republican party of selling false choices to America. “Washington Republicans battle against big government, while selling us out to the big bankers on wall street!”