Sarah Palin To Host Nature Show

Nature lover Sarah Palin and Discovery Communications announced today that she will be hosting a new TV series called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” in which she will challenge antiquated notions such as Global warming, promote oil drilling as being beneficial to the environment and discuss how to stop polar bears from being listed as endangered species.

“Oil drilling doesn’t cause any problem with the animals or the environment”, Palin stated. “I love to watch the furry little animals scurry away into the woods as we start setting up the drilling equipment!”

Palin insists the animals all find alternate dwelling places that are even nicer than the holes they live in now. She also insisted that even with oil drilling there will be “plenty of places for furry animals to live and frolic”.

Palin also revealed that Alaska is just as cold as it ever was and global warming is a myth. “There were times this past winter when we couldn’t even go outside it was so cold!” Palin lamented. “If people think there’s global warming just let them come to Alaska for a winter!”

Palin insisted that polar bears be removed from the list of endangered animals because “they are all over the place! You can’t go to an iceberg without seeing bunches of them!”

“Besides”, “Palin continued. “Polar bears eat people! We don’t want nasty bears eating nice people!”

Palin will be receiving $1.5 million per episode for the nature program.

“By the end of this year I hope to be really rich and move out of this frozen wastebasket!” she stated.