Sarah Palin to undergo on-air colonoscopy during interview with Katie Couric

New York — CBS announced today that Katie Couric has scored the second Sarah Palin interview among the Big Three networks. Couric will interview the devoted wolf hunter and overnight-political sensation over two days, with the heavily edited footage to air Sept. 29 and 30.

In a desperate effort to stand out from the efforts of rival networks, the perennial ratings cellar dweller will partially reprise a dramatic moment from a more-successful period of her TV career by carrying out a portion of the interview during a joint colonoscopy with the governor.

“This will be the highlight of the interview,” said Garish Lifer, a spokesperson with CBS. “It will not only raise awareness of the governor’s public policy but also help draw attention to an important precautionary medical procedure.”

“This will send a strong statement,” agreed Mystic Chatter, a spokeswoman for Palin. “Not only could Palin pick up that phone at 3:00 am to field a foreign crisis, she could field that crisis even during an invasive medical procedure if the call of doodie requires it.”

Sources close to the campaign admit the governor was reluctant to have her colon explored on national television. Fears were allayed, they said, when Couric, a veteran of nationally broadcast colonoscopies from her tenure on the Today Show, entered negotiations directly.

“It was pointed out politely that with all the heavy red moose meat the governor has been wolfing down over the years that a colonoscopy might not be a bad idea,” said one campaign staffer who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak to the media.