Sarah Palin's Candidates Win Big, But Can They Use Use Her Winning Formula?

So I’m reading the net this morning, trying to figure out whether the Tea Party primary wins are as good (or bad) for the November elections as they appear (or don’t seem) to be. I’m on Bloomberg, reading about New York- Rick Lazio got beaten by Carl Paladino, a Conservative who blew like, three million of his own money to buy into the election (you ever notice how many Conservative rich guys do that? Spend millions to get a job that pays less than 200K a year? Why?). But then, as an off-hand comment, it says, that like Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate, he promises to curb, “New York’s spending habits that have resulted in the second- highest combined state and local tax burden in the U.S., trailing only Alaska.” Alaska? Isn’t that where Sarah Palin, the Princess of the Tea Party, was governor for almost a full half term? They have the highest tax burden in the United States? Can that be right?

The answer seems to be overall, yes, but with some exceptions, all bad from a Tea Party perspective. It gets a lot of Federal money-it’s the third highest dollar recipient in the Nation and has the highest corporate tax in America. Tea Party people don’t know this.

According to The Tax Foundation website, “In FY2008, Alaska’s state-level corporate tax collections (excluding local taxes) reached $1,433 per capita, which ranked highest in the nation”, but it also says, “Alaska levies no individual income taxes” and “no general sales or use tax on consumers”, but “its combined state/local property taxes $1,439.18 per capita, ranked 12th highest nationally.” Tea Party people hate property taxes.

On the other hand, “Alaska taxpayers receive more federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid compared to the average state (in 2005 for instance, for every $4,830.00 Alaskans sent to Washington DC, they got $9,230.00 back in federal spending, an almost 100% return on their investment.). This ranks the state 3rd highest nationally”. Tea Party people hate Federal spending.

While you can smoke cigarettes and drive pretty cheaply, tax-wise, you’re gonna really pay to get drunk…Alaska has the highest “Sin Tax” on beer and liquor of any state. Tea Party people like beer.

The Earth Rights Institute website tells me that, “Alaska relies on oil for about 80 percent of its revenue” and that each year everybody, each and every citizen, gets a check from the oil companies…the numbers each year change according to oil company profits. Wikipedia says that in 2009 each Alaskan got $1,305.00 and in 2008 they received $2,069.00 + $1,200 Alaska Resource Rebate. Look at that for a moment. When gas prices at $4.50 a gallon were killing the rest of us, Sarah’s people were reaping a windfall, more than twice as much as they usually get. Tea Party people like to drive big trucks and SUV’s.

So Sarah Palin’s Alaska charges businesses more than anyplace in the United States to work there, relies on an unsustainable resource for 80% of it’s revenue, gets more Federal money than 47 other states, makes the oil industry pay through the nose to drill there and charges it’s property owners more than 38 other states just to live there. No wonder she quit to join the Tea Party; she must have been too ashamed to be associated with it. Or she knew that because of the Great Recession it was all about to blow up in her face. Tea Party people hate the Great Recession.

So while Sarah proudly points to the fact that Alaskans pay no income tax or general sales tax (but let’s not forget the $18.78 per gallon on liquor and $1.05 on beer, both the highest in the land), she neglects to explain just how this shining example of tax freedom works- massive amounts of Federal dollars added to that the highest taxes on corporations who work there, plus payouts from the oil industry, plus lots and lots of property taxes and you’ve got A) a State that really takes advantage of the rest of America and B) a tax system that, due to getting 80% of it’s working capitol from the oil industry, could never work anywhere else in the country. Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an economic time bomb. Tea Party people are afraid of bombs.

And this is the woman who’s become the “Pit Bull” of the anti-tax, pro- business Tea Party. But the Tea Party can’t see beyond the pretty face of the former Miss Alaska who charges a hundred grand a pop to go around and give speeches on being a regular American who’s fed up with all those Federal dollars her state gets from the rest of us. Tea Party people like pretty women.

Amazing. Simply fucking amazing.