Satellite Virus Attacks Plasma Screens

(Ucs News International) Scientists and technicians working at the UL laboratories announced the discovery of a malicious computer virus that cripples plasma television displays. According to technicians studying the virus, it is downloaded to the display via HD satellite broadcasts of pay per view events.

Effected displays are damaged beyond repair within minutes of being infected. The virus causes the display to pulse a series of color flashes that rupture the tiny cells located between two panels of displays glass screens. The neon and xenon gasses inside the cells leaks into the display corroding the internal electrodes rendering the display useless.

The virus has been traced back to malicious code originally designed to attack Windows NT operating system. The virus infiltrated the satellite broadcasters network-servers and spread through the system up to the satellites. Sources close to the investigation are concerned the satellite has become a virus broadcasting zombie locked in geosynchronous orbit.

Geostat, the satellites owner operator is facing a massive liability crises as an estimated 500 plasma displays are being effected daily. The firms spokesman, Davis Nutzipper stated “We have lost control of the satellite, but we have been contacted by the Chinese government.” According to Nutzipper, the Chinese have offered to “deactivate” the offending satellite free of charge.