Satire Sites Stock Prices Surge as George W. Bush Holds More Press Conferences

Unconfirmed sources report that the stock prices of the top political satire web sites have surged as the President holds more press conferences. The President has hit the road trying to sell the destruction of Social Security and given satire writers a bumper crop of material to work with. “Every time the President opens his mouth our shares prices go up.” Bragged the Onion’s Editor-in-Chief Carol Kolb.

“The stock prices of these sites, The Onion, Unconfirmed Sources, White and others have gone through the roof.” Says David Brown of NPR’s Market Place. “The prices people are paying for these issues are amazing. I haven’t seen anything like since the dot com boom of the nineties. It’s incredible.”

“Unlike the boom companies of the dot com era these websites have real value and are providing a valuable service to their readers.” Says media watchdog Brooke Gladstone. “Satire web sites have become one of the few news sources people can trust and our studies have shown they are as factual and unbiased as so called ‘main stream media outlets’. People are now getting the news from people who just make it up, which only seems natural since the government is intent on making up all the information they release anyways.”

“Some have said that we are living in the golden era of satire, and I have to tell you I think they are right.” confided John Stewart of the wildly popular Daily Show. “The inside the beltway crowd have lost their minds and that means tons of material for people like me. As a matter of fact there is so much that must be satirized we have a had time choosing who and what to go after. American politics is a target rich environment.”

Satire analysts agree, the satire market is going nowhere but up. There is absolutely no end in sight for these favorable satirical conditions. Established satire sources are cashing on this bull satire market and lots of new players are springing up to fulfill the needs of the market.