Satire Writer Seeks to Make Money

(California) Prolific satire writer Jeff Vachon, also known as NickFun, stated during an exclusive interview with Unconfirmed Sources (UCS) that he would like to make money from his satire.

“I think I’m as good as anyone out there”, Vachon lamented. “I’m working for no money while some other guys that suck are making a fortune!”

Vachon has worked as a professional comedy writer, actor, improv actor, voice over talent and comedian. He has alternately made great money or, like now, nothing at all. Since moving to the Los Angeles area from Boston, Vachon has found it difficult to make money.

“Everything is union out here”, Vachon stated. “I’m willing to join the union but I need advice as to how to get in”.

Vachon acknowledged that part of the problem is the former Bush administration, the US financial crisis, record unemployment levels, the housing crash and instability overseas. “But mostly, it’s me”, he said.

Vachon even went to far as to post his email address on his UCS profile ( hoping that someone will send him an email offering him employment.

“I would love to work for something like The Onion”, Vachon continued. “If you know of anyone out there who is looking for a top quality writer please send them this story”.

Critics of Vachon’s plan claim he just isn’t good enough. Vachon dismissed those claims. “Let’s see them do any better!” Vachon said defiantly.

Vachon later said no reasonable offer would be refused and he would be willing to fund his own relocation costs, assuming it’s not in the Midwest.

“I’m even willing to give 10% of my income to whoever finds me a great job.” Vachon claimed. “So, if I make a million dollars a year that means you get $100,000 for doing nothing!”